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hello peeps ! welcome to Nadia Iskandar super awesome blog. Hope you enjoy reading :D


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My Song!


aku dan dirimu

hallo kawan . nad cite pasal nad dgn azwan nih . haa , hmm . actually nih last peluang nad bgy kad die . if iterang dh break . nad tk yaken yg nad akan besame balek dgn di . haa . tuh aa yg  nad paleng takod . nad pn tk tao aa nape nad bole betahan dgn pangai azwan . sedang kn die dh bnyk tio nad , curang dgn nad . saked kn haty nad . hmm . huh ! mybe nad telalu cinte kn die . kn ? hmm . yee lha kood . bkn kood , tpy memang . haa .
hm . MOHD AZWAN ! ILOVEYOUMORE !  blurrr . i love you not only can say by word . but by all thing that i do for you dear ! please dear . i hope you're be good with yor beloved family . i just want you to know , that imissyoumore . never forget you . never let you go . ohh dear azwan .
hmm . nad rindu di lha kawan . ape yg nad patot buad nih ? huh ! die dh aa tk pakai fon . yg si ayah die nih pn satu . asal amek fon die ? ishh . sian laki nad taw . hhaa !